Mother Nature’s Apothecary

Historical proof has found out that the beginning of tea cultivation dates lower back more than 4000 years, with its early beginnings in China. From that time ahead, tea has been a popular drink stated as a beverage and as a conventional remedy, first in Asian countries after which an awful lot later in Europe and North America, starting inside the 1600’s, while the Qing Dynasty established alternate among China and the rest of the world.

In modern times, tea is now the second one maximum generally loved beverage within the international, water being the first. All round the world there are loads of hundreds of thousands of those who drink tea every day for thirst and for medicinal purposes. The inexperienced form of tea specially is known to have great fitness benefits, especially in regards to digestive and coronary heart health.

Green tea is made of unfermented leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant, and is stated for having the maximum effective antioxidant residences of any Chinese tea. Of the 4 primary varieties of tea which can be made out of camellia sinesis – white, green, black, and oolong, inexperienced tea is the least processed of all, growing a fresh, drinkable taste, and preserving the polyphenols that make its medicinal houses so robust.

It’s commonplace knowledge that antioxidants are top notch for average frame health and maintenance, but few realize the physiological technological know-how in the back of them. Antioxidants are materials that neutralize, and in some cases, absolutely restore the damage completed through unfastened radicals within the human frame. Free radical compounds are shaped obviously and through exposure to outside pollutants along with cigarette smoke, and they have the ability to trade DNA and motive unfavorable alterations to cells.

Recent research show that people who drink four cups of green tea an afternoon will lessen their hazard of certain forms of cancer, such as lung, stomach and breast cancers, as well as stave off coronary heart disorder. The catechin polyphenol antioxidants in inexperienced tea, especially the epigallocatechin gallate range, additionally known as ECGC, are the important thing to a lot of green tea’s health advantages. ECGC is a miles greater powerful antioxidant than each diet C and vitamin E, and is not handiest a regarded cancer fighter, however also has houses that stimulates the body’s metabolism and assist to reap expanded and lasting weight reduction.